Pepper Lunch Barrack St, Perth CBD

After seeing some photos from food bloggers that attended the Pepperlunch Event at Beaux Lane, hubby decided that he wanted to have the giant rib eye steak for dinner. So we went to Pepper Lunch Barrack St with a couple of friends after Saturday church.

The famous Kimchi Beef Pepper Rice

I ordered their much loved Kimchi Beef Pepper Rice with added cheese and the whole combination was really delicious. Even when eaten with plain rice, kimchi is able to add a lot of flavours. Now imagine eating it with sliced beef and cheese, it was on a whole different level. No wonder this dish made it to one of the best selling items at Pepper Lunch Australia.

Mixed Kimchi Beef Pepper Rice

One of my friends who went back for good to Indonesia was really upset because she couldn't find the Kimchi Beef Pepper Rice in any Pepper Lunch franchises in Indonesia.

Hubby wasn't disappointed with his giant rib eye steak and his expectation of a good steak was fulfilled. I could taste the difference in tenderness and juiciness of the rib eye when compared with Shimofuri Porterhouse, the beef flavour was definitely more bold. Our friend was happy enough with his share of the Porterhouse but he said that the Giant Rib Eye would be his go to steak next time he eats at Pepper Lunch.

One of our friends ordered the Beef & Hamburg Curry. This dish was very easy to eat and also budget friendly considering you get two different meat for less than $15. The flavour was also delicious with sweet corn, sliced beef, hamburger patty and curry sauce mixed together. 

Pepper Lunch always provide sweet and garlic sauce on the table that can be used on your dish. Given the extensive menu, I'm sure there's always something for everyone to try. 

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