Wonder Dawg Premium Hotdog at Victoria Park (Invited)

After I saw info on the opening of Wonder Dawg on Instagram, I straight away booked my husband and cousin to go with me to the opening. So when Ika from Wonder Dawg sent through an invite closer to the date, I was really excited.

Wonder Dawg sells a variety of premium hot dogs and most are inspired by food from different countries such as the Tom Yum Dawg (Thailand) and Banh Mi Dawg (Vietnam). The menu for Wonder Dawg was so colourful, easy to read and what made us even happier was the cost of WD’s Premium hot dogs.

Ika from WD said that she wanted her hot dogs to be affordable to students especially within the proximity of the location to the Curtin University.

Check out the three hot dogs that we tried on the day:


The name Okonomi Dawg was definitely inspired by the Japanese pancake (Okonomiyaki). This hot dog came with smoky sausage, shredded cabbage, delicious mayonnaise, seaweed, crunchy tempura bubbles and my favourite bonito flakes. WD didn’t skimp on their ingredients and we really enjoyed this hot dog.


Explosion of colours!

As what the name suggests, this hot dog was a Mexican inspired hot dog and what impressed me first was the amount of toppings that they put on top of the smoked chili sausage. Other than being colourful, the salsa, nacho cheese and guacamole really harmonised together and on this occasion Hubby asked for jalapeno to be put on top.


I ordered the Korean inspired hot dog because it was deemed the spiciest one in the menu. I love it especially since it came with chili cheese sausage (yes!), kimchi (another yes!), namul (Korean seasoned vegetable), sesame seeds and a combination of mayo and gochujang sauce. I really enjoyed this hot dog the most.


Coney Island Dawg

We also bumped into our friend Martin so without any inclination we just invited him to sit together with us. Martin ordered the delicious looking Coney Island Dawg and he also impressed with the amount of toppings that he received. The smoked chili sausage was covered with minced beef, red onion and cheddar cheese sauce.  

Since they’re a pop-up restaurant, it is better to check the opening hours of Wonder Dawg & Co that will be available through their Instagram account @52_wd. I absolutely love their price point of their premium hot dog and will tag this food under delicious #cheapeats!  

Ps: Here’s a photo of us at the selfie station that WD set up on their #WDDawgParty:

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