Low Key Chow House, Leederville

Last weekend we finally managed to have dinner at Low Key Chow House (LKCH) after we cancelled two of our previous bookings. We really liked the mah-jong tiles that LKCH put for their ‘open’ sign and the giant tiles that they put on top of their bar. Just like the logo, LKCH has the yellow and black colour scheme that flows really well all throughout their restaurant.

To start, we ordered a really refreshing and sour Chow’s Margarita as well as LKCH Lychee Tipple which Hubby really liked. I think if I let him, he will definitely order another one.


Bo Patty with Betel Leaf, very delicious!

This dish was recommended by Owen Chua, one of the owners of LKCH. Owen explained that this dish was based on his mother in law's recipe and this time of the year is the perfect time to get the betel leaf. The lemongrass beef patty was tender and fresh. Rather than dipping the whole dish into the nuoc cham sauce, I recommend to r to drop some sauce on top of the dish and fold the betel leaf.


We have chicken and mushroom dumpling here!

The dumpling of the day was chicken and mushroom dumplings which was cooked very well. The dumpling skin had enough thickness and retained the filling very well.


The pork belly was very tasty!

Owen mentioned that Mantou Buns was another best-selling dish at LKCH and I think the key to that was due to the yummy candied caramel pork belly. The pork belly skin was really crispy and the meat was tender. This dish was served together with crushed peanuts inside the fluffy steam buns.

KARI AYAM (Chicken Curry)

Spicy Kari Ayam from Low Key Chow House

Although the flavour of the curry didn’t resonate well through the chicken, Hubby enjoyed the fiery curry broth from LKCH. We weren’t sure why the chicken tasted quite bland even though the rest of the broth was quite aromatic and flavourful. This dish was served together with five slices of roti bread but you can ask for a bowl for steam rice if needed.


Sogalbi Skju-Namul

First thing, the presentation was really beautiful and when the dish arrived, the staff explained more about the dish. Together with the short ribs, there was also sesame bean sprouts, delicious house-made kimchi and ssamjang hot sauce. We had a mix feeling about the texture of pear and apple marinated beef short ribs because some cuts were really tender but some other were really chewy to the point that it was quite tough to gnaw.

Hubby and I really enjoyed our time at the LKCH and we are keen to try other dishes that they have in the menu. They have Chinese New Year and Valentine special menu at the moment, so it’s a good time to try out the restaurant if you haven’t done so!

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