Wok Street Chow's Yum Yum Loves to Eat

We went to Wok St to celebrate Valentine’s day and to be honest I didn’t know that I was about to be treated to an array of beautiful Thai food. After a long glance at the menu, Hubby suggested that we order the Yum Yum Loves to Eat combination, which contains 6 courses for $55 per person.

We really wanted to try the spiciest dish in the menu called The Crying Tiger, Pad Thai and the Minced Roasted Duck on betel leaf so we weren’t sure whether we could go with the six course plan or not. The staff informed us that she can let the chef know that we wanted certain dishes to be in the 6 course plan to create a win-win situation for us (yay!).

Yum Yum Loves to Eat


We were served the complimentary prawn crackers with chili jam. The chili jam was very delicious that Hubby actually took it off the serving plate just in case he wanted to use it for other dishes.


Kinilaw (Raw) Fish at Wok St Chow

This dish of raw fish was really fresh and Hubby really loved it that he finished the whole coconut and mung-bean sauce that came with it. There was a sourness to the sauce so it's better to to lightly dip the fish in the sauce. The fish was soft with each bite and works well eaten together with the onions.


Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Crispy soft shell crab came with my favourite childhood fruit, bell apple! The chopped watermelon and bell apple really gave a good balance to the crispy and salty soft shell crab.  There were small cubes of watermelon which offset the fried crunchiness with its light refreshing flavour, which surprisingly works quite well.


Tender and spicy beef flank!

The super lean, spicy and juicy beef flank will definitely go well with hot steam rice. When the menu gave it 5 dragon icons to denote the level of spiciness, Hubby could hardly believe it. I could taste the spicy sauce in my mouth and the spiciness lingers for quite some time. Hubby on the other hand thought it wasn't spicy enough. The spice intensity is always a subjective thing if you're willing to brave the spiciness, this dish is a very good choice.


Miang Larb Ped (Minced Duck Salad)

I’ve tried chicken betel leaf before and Wok St offer this variant using a yummy concoction of chopped roast duck, shallots and chili lime dressing. The heart shaped betel leaf left a refreshing taste in the mouth while the duck was cooked perfectly and full of flavour. When we tried to create our own miang kham, we had to take out some of the chopped duck before wrapping everything in the leaf.


Our Pad Thai came with a lot of prawns and chicken with limp rice noodle. I squeezed the lime wedge given on the side and the tangy-sweet flavour was very delicious. If we weren’t quite full we could slurp the whole bowl of pad thai. I really like how the pad thai wasn’t wet and mushy at all. Wok St offers $15 pad thai and Chang Beer every Wednesday if you’re looking for a good weeknight meal.


Black Sticky Rice Mango

This summer season was the perfect season to eat mangoes so Hubby was so delightful when his favourite fruit made an entrance on the table. The oh-so-yummy dessert was served with black sticky rice and salty sweet crunchy shiny peanut brittle.  The combination of the strong mango flavour coupled with the softness of the rice made every chew an enjoyable one.  One of Thailand's signature desserts, give this a go if you haven't tried before.

We came into Wok St Chow House with little knowledge and expectation of what was in store. With wonderful dishes, great atmosphere and vibe, we came away with a pleasant dining experience and a fun Valentine's evening. If you're in the area and like good Thai fusion food, give Wok St Chow House a go.

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