Opening Feast at PappaRich Joondalup (Invited)

When an opportunity to celebrate the opening of PappaRich in Joondalup presented itself, some food bloggers were squealing in excitement. PappaRich Joondalup is located a bit further away from the mall’s foodcourt and the first thing that I saw was a long queue of people trying to find a spot before the 12PM peak lunch hour.

The Joondalup’s franchise has a close proximity between customers’ table to the roti station so I snooped around the open kitchen to look at how one of the staff created the delicious multi-layered roti.

Roti Canai in the making at PappaRich Joondalup

With PappaRich, you pay more than what you would at a typical hawkers but the portion sizes makes up for it. Some people might have complained about how the price at PappaRich Malaysia was so much cheaper than the Australian franchise but they also need to remember that PappaRich Australia use local produce which made each dish really fresh and tasty.

Miss L from The Engineer Eats and I had a chat that we should order something that we didn’t usually order at PappaRich. The long menu winds through simple entrée like satay and roti all the way to various main meals, drinks and desserts. So after our eyes scanned the extensive menu carefully, hubby and I opted for dry curry egg noodle with chicken, mixed satay for sharing, steamed mantau with kaya, roti telur bawang beef rendang and other items in the menu as you can see from below photos.

PappaRich's Beef and CHicken Satay

We were a bit greedy but we were well rewarded with delicious food. The beef and chicken satay were really tender and marinated well. If they served it with some rice cubes that would be a main meal in itself!

Roti Telur Bawang Beef Rendang (Egg & Onion Bread with Beef Rendang)

The roti was very fluffy, it was a perfect accompaniment to the rich and flavoursome beef rendang as well as the sambal and gravy.

PappaRich's Dry Curry Egg Noodles with Steamed Chicken

My egg noodles were especially springy and firm with tender steam chicken that could be covered in delicious curry gravy and sweet soy sauce.

Banana Fritters with Premium Green Tea Ice Cream

I didn't expect much from the banana fritters but this one surprised me! The banana was coated perfectly in crunchy batter, it was ripened which made it sweet and also not too hard in texture. 

Left: Mango Mania and Right: Ribena Melon from PappaRich Joondalup

Hubby chose the dessert that he usually ordered at PappaRich, the bright yellow Mango Mania which consisted of watermelon balls, lychees, young coconut cubes and mango juice. I chose the red Ribena Melon that came with watermelon juice, young coconut, lychees and more of the watermelon balls! With all ingredients marry together very well, both were highly recommended for drinks on a scorching hot day.

PappaRich's Ice Kachang with red bean, lychee, mango slices, grass jelly and topped with premium sesame ice cream

The ice kachang was huge and pretty and it came with a scoop of premium black sesame ice cream on top of the ice. The only feedback was that I wish they put the ice kachang in a bigger bowl because it was quite hard to eat otherwise. The Foodie Craving’s mum shared hers with me but unfortunately I was too full to eat more than a spoon of the ice kachang.

Below is the sneak peek of what Miss L and her sister had that day and you can read the full review about it here

I haven’t found any dish that I disliked except their Nasi Briyani but my taste buds were ruined by my school teacher in high school who created the best Nasi Briyani ever. So far none has topped up what he did.

The service that day was friendly, attentive and quite fast and most of us got our meals at the same time. Whether you call the meals in PappaRich authentic Malaysian dishes or think of them as an imposter, PappaRich has always delivered consistency to their meals and the food speaks for itself.

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