Dessert at Shark Bites Toast, Victoria Park

We were dessert hungry on Sunday afternoon and Gourmet Conviction suggested that we try the new café called Shark Bites Toast in Victoria Park. It was a ‘cash-only’ café and ATMs can be located right across the road from the café towards the shopping centre.

Shark Bites Toast originated from the southern of Taiwan with a spirit that food can be shared between many people from different background and that food is a common language among all people.

One word that came to mind to describe the interior of Shark Bites Toast was quirky! One part of the café has normal seating while the other part was like a cute animal kingdom with the decoration of block coloured animals that customers and kids can sit on (under watchful eyes of their parents of course). I tried to find some sharks but I didn’t see any except the cute shark on their serviette’s logo.

This mango smoothie was so refreshing!

They offered a seasonal menu of mango-anything such as French toast with mango, waffle with mango and mango smoothie with ice cream. Hubby was a recent converter to the freshness and juiciness of mango so he decided to order the Mango Smoothie.

Our friends ordered two of the mango waffle with ice cream and I got myself a cotton candy lemonade drink. The fairy floss / cotton candy drink was quite new to the Perth’s food scene and the first time I saw it was at OEC Bob café in Northbridge.

It was pretty fun to see some sugar drip from the cotton candy as the cotton absorbs some of the liquid from the drink. It wasn’t fun when I had to hold it so Gourmet Conviction could take a pretty photo because it became sticky really quickly (hahaha). I tried the cotton candy but it was too sweet for me so I just pushed the cotton candy out of the way and mixed my lemonade with vanilla ice cream. The drink was really refreshing and it will be something that I can order again in the future. The other two options for cotton candy drinks are strawberry and coffee latte.

Mango Waffle with Ice Cream

We love to share our food because it was quite economical and that way we didn’t get sick of one type of food. One of our friend quickly asked the staff for small plates and more cutleries so the mango waffle can be shared together. The waffle was really refreshing and perfect to be eaten together with mango, especially since this was the perfect season for ripen mango!

I will be back to try the savoury range from Shark Bites Toast but so far all of us want a repeat of the good experience.

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