High Tea at Bites by D

A group of foodies went for a girly hi-tea session at Bites by D: Dessert Boutique, arranged by Val from Sweet Adornments. The shop itself was very clean looking and mainly painted with yellow, black and white coloured accents. It was so busy and hectic leading to the day that I didn’t do any research at all on what kind of food that we’d be getting.

Strawberries & Cream Tea

When we arrived, there were some tea and coffee menus available on the table. The table was set really well with white plates and cutleries with patterns on it. Two guys in our group decided on the girly Strawberries & Cream pink tea which came out in a cute white and gold teapot. The rest of us settled for French Earl Grey, Japanese Geisha, and I opted for Lemongrass & Ginger which I thought might help with my sore throat. Everything in Bites by D seems so dainty!

We were served savoury items for our first round of hi tea. We literally didn’t take note on what’s what because we were too busy enjoying our savoury meals. We had a serve of delicious chicken bites, croissant with perfect flaky pastry, mini quiche and pasta salad. Everyone really enjoyed the savoury bites while talking about jobs and good restaurant to try. That day was our first time hanging out with Mel from Cupcake Land Adventures as well and we found out that she was the daughter in law of The Wang's Treasure House's owner. So we decided to have a dim-sum catch up at her restaurant closer towards the end of May!

A glass of pink and white colour sorbet arrived as our palate cleanser soon after the staff took away our empty savoury tray. No one really had any idea of the mixture in the sorbet but we all said that the sorbet was extremely light and refreshing. If I need to give it a flavour then I’d stick with lemonade and strawberry.

Since Bites By D is a dessert bar, the display and presentation of our dessert really took our breath away.

We had white chocolate mousse inside the raspberry dome, house-made salted caramel cheesecake with oreo crumbs, the Summer Delight cake which was a glittering layered cake with a combination of pistachio and raspberry, and the new Winter Delight chocolate cake with cream cheese.

I must say that everything was extremely delicious but if I had to pick a winner it’d be the Summer Delight. The layered cake by itself looks very beautiful with the colourful layers especially with the soft glistening layers and the glitters at the top. The flavour and mixture of texture was really amazing! I hope Bites by D will stock this Summer Delight cake during the winter season.

Winter Delight by Bites by D

At $55 per person, we had a mixed feeling when we booked in our hi-tea but the result didn’t disappoint at all. The staff who served us were really friendly and prompt. We actually felt really full by the time we finished with our hi-tea. I definitely recommend it if you have a special occasion to celebrate or just want to pamper yourself a bit. Another important thing to note is to book the hi-tea well in advance to secure your spot.

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