Markets on Rokeby

Strategically located in the heart of Subiaco, ‘Markets on Rokeby’ is Perth’s largest weekend street market. Along Rokeby Road, between Bagot Road and Hay Street, Markets on Rokeby is open every Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

I was always excited to visit a market to find out more about local produce and WA local businesses. After a quick brunch at tbsp. on Saturday, me and hubby decided to visit the opening day of Markets on Rokeby. We started to walk from the corner of Hay St and Rokeby Rd without realising that the weekend market was quite huge.

It's definitely a perfect market for a family, pets and even for a group day out especially since the market offers plenty of delicious food and snacks. When we arrived at 9am, there were some stalls who were still preparing their display

One of the cool looking stall that really got my attention was Rrraw by Chris x  I am Foods' booth. Rrraw by Chris offers some beautiful guilt free cakes and snacks in his glass display while I am Foods offers a lot of organic superfood. Here you can also get your own organic apple cider (per litre), cacao powder, coconut chips and many other wellness food. Rrraw also welcomed any query about personal and event catering (awesome!).

Avon Valley's Macabee's Dorperlicious Lamb  has a booth next to the 100% grass fed Gingin Beef and this booth was super popular around lunch time. People were queuing to see the superior quality meat (including me...). I really like Macabee's passion and respect towards the animals by letting them graze and roam freely. And do you know that Gingin's grass fed beef were raised on the family property that has been owned all throughout five generations since the 1850's? Impressive!

During our walk-around we also saw Carina from Carina's Kitchen. Her morning was a bit hectic and within half an hour of trading she found herself needing more coins for changes. A lot of little kids flocked to her stall to grab her donuts but my eyes fell on the new flavours of Carina's cake in the jar. I was contemplating whether I should get my favourite Red Velvet or not, but decided to try the Rainbow flavour instead. Carina's Kitchen has some Gluten Free cakes on offer as well.

Same with Carina, we also found ourselves in need of some small notes and coins especially since it was still quiet in the morning. Hubby stopped by the Sandwich Comprende stall and bought the $3.50 Chorizo after he tried on the free sample. We had two $20 note on us but the guys from Sandwich Comprende didn't have enough change and said that we could pay them later on and they even stamped our loyalty card (thank you!).  We came back to their stall right away after acquiring some coins. 

We spent $16 of our $20 to purchased cold pressed juice from Pressed Daily. Their juice was prepared daily from their Claremont's HQ and at the moment they supplied to many stockists. Hubby took the Immunity and I got myself the Boost after sampling a small cup of it. In celebration of their new website, they're offering 10% off online orders if you put in the magic word: "newwebsite!!!" ;-).

We found Kenneth Lim from Kasumi Beauty and right away I asked him if I could purchase the Rose Water face spray. I always use his Sandalwood Herbal Face Gel whenever I got sun-burnt all over my body due to its soothing rose water base. Hubby is an avid user of Kasumi's Nirvana Face and Body Cleanser and the soap was really good for his skin allergy. Kenneth also stocked his Nirvana products to various hospitals in Singapore.

Cafe Oranje from Ellenbrook also had a stall which specialising in the fluffy and spongy Dutch pancake or what we know as poffertjes. It was really fun to watch them pouring the mixture onto the pofferjespan. 

We saw many people lining up for Wassup Dog Gourmet Hotdogs during lunch time but unfortunately we didn't have any more space for food in our tummy. I am keen to try their 100% organic beef hot-dog with homemade smoked chili sauce next time we're in the area!

For those who enjoy their oysters, No Thyme Catering had a stall with a lot of fresh oysters: $10 for 1/2 doz and $20 for 1 doz. You better get in quick before the peak hour lunchtime because they sold out at 2PM on the opening weekend.

I truly lost count of the number of stalls that Markets on Rokeby has after 3 hours of eating, walking and talking with some stall holders. Below are some more photos of different stalls: