Early Breakfast at Tbsp. Bayswater

I read so many buzzing reviews about the Tbsp. in Bayswater that I planned to wake up really early one Saturday and visited this place. Apparently an 8AM arrival couldn’t be considered early especially since we formed a queue straight away as soon as we were there. The staff had a chat in the background about having a separate line for take away and diner.

There was one dish that I really wanted to try especially after seeing a couple of photos on Instagram. It was the chicken congee! I have a soft spot for congee especially since I was so used to having congee and rice crackers every morning when I grew up in Indonesia. Hubby was so keen to order the pork belly so he had no problem deciding as well. I was going to order a flat white with soy milk but ended up selecting “Honey I’m home” tea.

The tea came first and it had chrysanthemum flowers in it. The staff informed me that the tea can be brewed up to five times and still retain the flavour (the closest thing to the bottomless tea!). Later on I actually asked one of the staff to re-brew the tea before I finished with my meal.

When the staff put down our bowl of chicken congee, the delicious aroma was really enticing! Without additional salt and pepper, the congee tasted perfect already. I love the generous amount of spring onions that was served together with it as well as the chicken knuckle. The chicken confit was very very tender, juicy and has a bit of sweetness to it. I really enjoy this dish and won’t mind coming back to eat this again.

On the other hand, Hubby almost didn’t offer me any sample of his pork belly, chorizo & potato hash because he really enjoyed it. He literally frowned when I asked him to swap his bowl around with mine! I went straight for the pork belly (tee hee!). The pork belly was succulent and very easy to eat.

“You should definitely try the hash potato”, he said. He was right, the potato tasted very delicious. Even the big potato wasn’t bland at all, it was like the potato actually absorbed all the flavour well inside it. The crunchy skin had enough saltiness and perfect crisp to it, I only wish that they served this as a side dish option that can be ordered with other meals.

When I walked around I saw some pandan muffins on display and I made a mental note to buy one for take away and be shared with some church friends. Unfortunately I left the muffin on the car’s backseat so I had it all to myself the next morning. The fluffiness of the muffin and the mixture of oreo and blueberries was really good.

Tbsp. surprised me with their good portions, price and service. I was walking around to snap some photos and the busy barista managed to say “good morning” to me. One of the staff even told me to call her if I had any question and I want my tea to be re-brewed for the third time.  We found the place to be busiest between 7am – 9am.  To be honest, I don’t think I’d mind waiting in the queue to experience tbsp. again.

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