'Don't-Cook-Monday' Market

Erlin, Pia and the Hubby

A couple of years back when Pixel Closet was still active, Hubby and I frequented different markets as a stall owner. We really love the buzz, watching families having enjoyable time together, friendly strangers and the ability to get to know other passionate stall owners. When we heard about the Beaufort St Monday night markets we were both excited to go and so we invited two of our best friends (Pia & Erlin) to come along. Finding a parking spot can be quite hard, so we arrived at the starting time. Some stall owners were so ready to sell while some others still quite busy putting some finishing touch on their stall. It was so astounding to see a lot of effort in setting up market stalls and then packing everything up at the end of the market.



Hubby had a longing to eat good sausage so he was delightful to see Anton’s Bratwurst stall and ordered one straight away. By the look of the big grin on his face, it looked like the cheesy kransky hit the spot.



We were looking around for an ATM when the girls found the Hummus Club! The Hummus Club was celebrating their first birthday on Monday the 28th of September! I saw many photos of the Hummus frequently on the Instagram account and all the thrill about their new eatery that will be opened soon. It was so good to see a lot of people became accustomed to eat hummus by itself instead of just using it as a dip. The salad that was served with pomegranate dressing was refreshing and the falafel was almost too good. Recommended dish: The Club Mix that comes with pita bread, falafels, salad and hummus.



Our paella was created using an authentic recipe dated back to the 1600’s
— Kamal's Quarter

During our walk, there were some paella stalls that we missed but we decided to take a shot on Kamal’s Quarter chicken and mushroom paella. I remember them from their stall at the Subiaco Market as well as the Fremantle’s chili festival. The small portion was definitely decent, but if you’re after a really filling meal then it is better to order the big one. Our small colourful paella comes with button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and two chicken wings! Unfortunately it was quite bland and not really aromatic enough. I'm still curious to taste their other paella though.



On the other side of the road, we saw T sisters stall filled with a lot of people so we joined the crowd. We ordered a pork bun, a mix of 6 dumplings (vegetarian, beef and pork) and a cold lychee syrup. The waiting time was probably about 5-10 minutes depending on the order. The steam BBQ pork bun was meaty and flavourful, we also like the fillings of the dumplings. However, the skin of the dumpling was the one that makes or breaks it and T sisters’ dumpling skin was quite thick. I will go back and try their bao next time.


MEAST (Middle Eastern Street Food)

I was eyeing a guy who carried a cone of sweet potato fries in front of the Meast (Middle Eastern Street Food) stall that also sell kofta, halloumi and tabouli. I ordered a large sweet potato fries with rosemary, paprika and salt. The fries weren’t oily and mushy plus the skin was crispy which made me want to order another one…, but the night was getting quite late and we decided to go back to our car.


Grilled to the Mac

The yellow Mac the Trailer was one of the most dangerous food truck that housed Grilled to the Mac. Grilled to the Mac was a hybrid between grilled sandwiches and Mac & Cheese. It was only 2 minutes walk from our car and I was wandering in front of it to decide whether I can fit another meal in my tummy. I walked to the counter and still pondering to get the Cubanos or just a simple Mac N Cheese. I ended up ordering a bowl of Mac N Cheese (with truffle oil and breadcrumbs) for $8. It was intense as the bowl was overflowed with cheese and the middle part was quite gooey. The macaroni wasn’t too soft and it was a good comfortable food to end the night with.

One thing we love about this market was that there were plenty of buskers around playing all kinds of music. From acoustic guitars, violins, cellos and even a full jazz band, there was plenty of music going on to keep the vibe going. The night was an enjoyable one and highly recommended to anyone who likes good food or an enjoyable outing.

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