Kung Fu Kitchen Hot Pot

After reading the review written by Lyv To Eat I was really determined to go to Kung Fu Kitchen. I don't eat hot pot regularly but I do probably have one annual hot pot dinner. The difficulty is that I haven't found a good hot pot place after the Dragon Steamboat closed. 

On one wintery night, I braced the cold and walked into Kung Fu Kitchen with my husband. The staff welcomed us and found us a spot straight away, right in front of the TV that was playing the chinese version of The Voice (the show is called Voice of China). Behind us we can see a private dining room that can seat 10-12 people.

Hot pot!

We were given an iPad to do our ordering and even though some words are in Chinese, it was pretty self-explanatory due to the different coloured buttons (green for checkout, blue for add to cart, red for cancellation). The menu also provided us with photos of each dish and drinks. I was going to order ducks tongue but decided not to after examining the photo in the menu (ox tongue is still fine, but I'm not in a close relationship with duck yet). 

We opted for the two different soups, spicy and non-spicy. I like the taste of both but prefer the non-spicy one, while hubby liked the spicy one better. Our ordered meats and vegetables came out promptly and we were happily cooking our meals in the hotpot. I've tried to separate our meats equally, but I was so sure that hubby put more meats in the spicy soup... 

As what Lyv To Eat mentioned, we ordered two all you can take sauce in the menu so we can try all of their sauces. My favourite combination is a mixture of black bean, chilli, sesame chives, bbq and a tiny bit of hoisin sauce. 

I almost forgot to say that when we were seating down on the plush Kung Fu Kitchen chairs, we felt like we were eating at a clean Chinese restaurant in China. Such a good atmosphere and we'll definitely go back to try other dish.