NBC Chilli Fest 2016

The Northbridge Brewing Company brought back the fun Chili Fest with the Trinidad Scorpion Chili. There were some amazing items in the menu such as 18 inch heat seeker sub, delicious and must order 1 KG Buffalo Wings as well as sweet chili chocolate fondant to finish your meal with.

5 different sauces available!

My favourite dish on the night and something that everyone could enjoy was the 1 KG Buffalo Wings. The chicken was cooked really well with crispy skin and tender meat. There are 5 different sauces available from the non-chilli, refreshing chilli lime up to the hottest one with a little bit of infusion from Trinidad Scorpion. This was a good dish to order because everyone on the table will be able to enjoy it depending on their chilli tolerance.

Russian Roulette Wagyu Sliders

If you're looking for a surprise challenge then go for the Russian Roulette Wagyu Sliders. One of the three sliders was extremely spicy. One of the guys in the invitees group was in near tears due to the heat and he tried to wash it down with a glass of Ken Arrowsmith's Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Lager. On the other side, Hubby just showed his usual poker face when he took the spiciest slider from our platter...

18-inch Heat-Seeker Sub

The 18-inch Heat Seeker Sub was another great idea to have in a group or for solo diner. I'd start with the Neutral so your taste buds still work properly when you finally get to the 'Trinidad Scorpion' bit.

Fresh Chilli Mud Crab

For something a little bit different, NBC prepared a bowl of chilli mud crab. The crab itself was delicious but I'd probably skip on this because it was a bit messy to eat. If you don't mind the messiness then definitely go for it. The chilli mud crab wasn't as spicy compared to the rest of other food.

Chilli Choc Fondant

There were two desserts available to cool your taste buds down. The first one was the deep fried ice cream. The second one was the chilli chocolate fondant which was really yummy. We could taste a bit of chilli in it to add the spicy flavour in but definitely not enough to burn our taste buds.

The Chilli Fest is an unmissable event and only happens for a limited time, from September 12th to 18th. I was so happy that NBC able to provide different dishes to cater for wide audience, chilli eater and non chilli eater.