Lago di Como (Invited)

Lago di Como was an Italian food restaurant located nearby Grand Cinemas Cygnet. It has been around for quite some time but we never actually dined there until Alberto invited us there. There were a lot of mix reviews on the internet which I read before I visited the place. Alberto informed me that the restaurant is now under a new management.

The menu at Lago di Como wasn't big but they had different special dishes on a daily basis. The menu depicted simplicity which I liked. It wasn't hard to decide on what we wanted to get for dinner. There were also some vegetarian and gluten free options for starters, pasta, main course and sides in the menu. 

For starter we ordered the Gorgonzola & Mushroom Arancini and a serving of Bruschetta which was created in the woodfired oven. The arancini was so beautiful with crunchy exterior and heaps of cheese in it. We could taste the mushroom as well and it wasn't too salty at all. Hubby was raving about the size of the bruschetta and how he really enjoyed it. The bruschetta was topped with chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil and EVOO. If you're looking for a good starter, do opt for this one.

Great portion, enough for next day's lunch!

I opted for Nonna's way Gnocchi al Ragu in Bolognese sauce for my main. A dish created using family recipe always intrigued me. The light and tender gnocchi didn't disappoint at all. I preferred the gnocchi that was a tad firmer so this one was perfect for my taste buds. It was great to see a lot of customers ordered the gnocchi as well. I couldn't finish my meal so I asked the staff to put the rest in the container, perfect for the next day's lunch at work!

The woodfire pizza from Lago di Como was amazing, check out the thin texture of the pizza. We ordered the diavola which was a combination of mozzarella, cacciatori, sausage, tomato sauce and chili. The pizza definitely had enough heat to it. It was really delicious that hubby ate almost all of the slices by himself!

I called this pillow pasta

Hubby ordered a serving of slow cooked lamb ravioli with mushroom rosemary sauce. This dish was very fragrant, the ravioli was smooth and velvety in texture. It was another simple yet great dish to have. Even though it was thin, the ravioli held together very well. As for the filling, the slow cooked lamb was good enough to be eaten by its own.

Had a mix feeling about this tiramisu...

I was so excited for my tiramisu to come out and it was usually one of the highlights when eating at an Italian restaurant. The presentation was really cute with the tiramisu was served in a jar and on the side we were given melted chocolate mixed with chopped peanuts. There were different ways to eat this but I chose not to mix in the whole choc-peanuts combination into the jar. I just took a spoonful and dipped a bit into the chocolate. The tiramisu was visually appealing, creamy and cold but it was a bit lacking in the flavour area. For me personally I'd love to taste more coffee flavour in it.

To sum up this review in one sentence: the food there was amazing, service was superb and price was certainly on point. I wish all the best for Alberto and the rest of his team, I'd love to hear more buzz about this place!

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