The Hummus Club Mid Eastern Eatery, Northbridge

Back in August 2016 we contributed to the crowdfunding for The Hummus Club. The perks that I chose was the $85 Mid Eastern Feastin' for two. Fast forward to 2017, we finally were able to agree on a date together with Perthfoodiegirls for an early dinner. The early dinner was a good idea especially considering how busy they get during peak dinner time.

I first tried the Club Mix when I visited the Inglewood Market back in September 2015. Even back then Ziad and Kaitlin Zammar already planned for a permanent spot to open their eatery. The first dish from The Hummus Club was really memorable so I was really looking forward to see the venue for the very first time.


The Mid Eastern Feastin' for two was a spread of favourite dishes at The Hummus Club. The most surprising dish was the batata. The crispy skin batata was served with spiced salt and fluffy garlic toum sauce which was really addictive. I think I can use the garlic toum for everything, including chicken sandwiches!

A pretty plate of falafels!

The Hummus Club's falafel was one of the best that I tried beside Kazoomies. It was served together with tahini, pickles and coriander. I really like the presentation of the falafels, the whole plate looks so pretty and appetising. The traditional Middle Eastern food was really yummy that even carnivores will love this vegetarian dish. The falafel and hummus made a really good combination ;-).

Beef Hummus

What's a hummus club without a perfect hummus? The bowl of beef hummus that came with pomegranate and pita crisps was so good! I tasted some bad hummus before but The Hummus Club always managed to make theirs smooth and creamy. We finished one out of two bowls and even scraped the end of the bowl with our pita bread. The Hummus Club also have plain, chicken or mushroom hummus in their menu.

Lamb Kefta - must order!

The pomegranate glazed lamb kefta was another amazing dish that we had. The succulent lamb kefta looks like a sausage and very flavourful. I like how The Hummus Club added colour in each of their dishes by adding different garnishes. This dish was served with house-made Greek yoghurt (labneh).

Tasty doughnuts!

We ended our dinner with really yummy Tayta's Doughnuts. The doughnuts came with choc-hazelnut sauce and orange. It was so yum so we finished everything even though we were already so full.

We ended up with some leftover food which we took home. Kaitlin kindly provided us with some plastic containers. It was really a big feast for all of us and we couldn't even think of adding desserts from nearby Whisk Creamery. 

If you're looking for a venue that can cater to gluten free and vegetarian, The Hummus Club needs to be in your list. Their menu is quite small but very specific and perfect for group sharing. The uni students at our church went to The Hummus Club not long ago and they could only speak of compliments regarding their experience. This was quite unusual especially since they're a big meating eating bunch. Don't forget to reserve a spot in advance or go earlier to secure your spot, especially if you plan to go for dinner.

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