MCW Spring Feast 2015

The University of WA & MCW kicked off the 2015 Spring Feast by having 60 food stalls around the guild area and Oak Lawn on Thursday the 8th of October 2015. Fun energy was carried across the Oak Lawn by visitors and students alike and it was a very successful Multi Cultural Week (MCW) event. The market feeling was compounded by the enthusiastic sales pitch from the 'Just Wing It!'s fried chicken seller.

My first venture was to the stall operated by the Cantonese Student Association WA for their HK street snack, a bowl of curry fishballs. They were located outside of the guild's pharmacy and had promoted their stall previously through their Facebook account. The tastiness and warmth of fishballs were so perfect as the start of the food adventure at the Spring Feast.

Then I found a Japanese Student Association stall with $2 dango (Japanese dumpling with mochiko) with red bean on top of it. Of course I was overly excited to grab a cheap colourful dango!

We saw two Indonesian food stalls and decided to come back later to try it, especially since I saw a bowl of mi bakso (Indonesian traditional noodle and meat ball soup) accompanied by a huge scotch egg displayed on their table. When we entered the Oak Lawn, one of the longest queue was for the Takoyaki Stall. I skipped that one and went on to purchase a warm and juicy roast duck bun from the Apple Daily Bar & Eating House which only had a short queue in front of the stall. I wish I grab more than one because it was really good and even though it was only a stall, the friendliness of the staff was really awesome.

The DON was still very busy serving customers with Hubby waiting patiently right next to their stall. In the meantime I moved on to the Hummingbird Pantry's Tequenos that could be found at the Twilight Market as well! Taquenos is a South American snack consisting of melted haloumi inside a sweet fried dough. It was proven to be popular among the little kids especially since it was very easy to eat and almost no one could resist the taste of melted cheese.

Soon after Hubby received his Super Ninja ramen burger from the DON Burgers and it was very exciting to see his face lit up after the first bite into the crispy chicken. He probably waited for about 20 minutes for his burger to be ready but he said it was worth it.

We were so ready to go home after all that but a Kaya Toast stall stopped us especially with free samples that people queued for. The Kaya jam was home-made by the seller and the coconut flavour was really delicious.

Our second last stop was for corn in a cup with Firetastic flavour. Firetastic had masala spice in it as well as garlic cheese and parmesan. The combination of flavours worked very well together and I regretted sharing with Hubby because the snack was really yummy.

The Indonesian food stall was our last stop especially since they were located so closely to the entrance of the Spring Feast. Mi Bakso is a must have dish whenever I go back to Indonesia for holiday and the flavour of the mi bakso from last night was so authentic. 

See you next year, Spring Feast and I promise to stay on the safe path until then. Thank you for the souvenir...

Souvenir from Spring Feast 2015...