Kajiken Mazesoba, Singapore

I was craving ramen so badly when I went to Singapore during my 5 day trip, so I was browsing and looking for an interesting ramen place. That was when I found Kajiken, who continues the trend in the evolution of ramen shops around the Orchid Hotel, Singapore.

Kajiken was the first mazesoba (mix noodle) restaurant in Singapore which offers different toppings to add flavours to the bouncy al-dente dry noodle.

Kajiken's Nagoya style mazesoba

I ordered the Mazesoba Nagoya style, a dish which was painted on the Kajiken’s wall. I thought it would be a really good start to introduce myself to what Kajiken offered. My mazesoba came with spicy minced pork, a very well cooked soft boiled egg, heaps of seaweed and spring onions. Kajiken offered a free noodle upsize but I declined since I didn’t have second tummy to finish my 210g of noodle!

Extra toppings can be added onto the order depending on what you want, for example an additional soft boiled egg will cost extra $1.5 or cod roe with mayo will cost $3. I was so happy to see that every meal is also available for take-away, which is good since you can just purchase any for take-away if the restaurant is filled with customers.  

Mazesoba with all toppings

Hubby ordered the mazesoba with all toppings which consists of soft boiled egg, char siew, braised pork and deep fried chicken! It was a very good meal if you’re looking for meaty dish but after comparing the flavour, I still preferred my Nagoya Style mazesoba. I think the spicy minced pork really made a lot of difference to the whole flavour.

Each table came with a set of instructions on how to eat your noodle. First, the ingredients need to be mixed together with the noodle for at least 20 seconds. It was a bit hard to mix at first but gradually it became easier. I mixed mine longer… (I thought it would guarantee a better taste hahaha). Customers can also add vinegar or chili oil to add more kick to their noodle. I added a lot of vinegar and chili oil after a few bites for extra kick.

Kenta the managing director of Kajiken informed me that there would be heaps of toppings left after I finished my noodle. If keen, I could yell out ‘oimeshi’ and he’d bring out a mini serving of rice to be mixed together with the leftover topping. So I did and I enjoyed every delicious bite, right until the end.

Kenta informed me that they have more than 40 franchise stores in Japan but Kajiken Singapore was definitely the first franchise that they opened in Asia Pacific. The restaurant was within walking distance from the Tanjong Pagar MRT and only a 2 minute walk from the Orchid Hotel.