CoCo Ichibanya Singapore

Japanese curry is very special because it’s extremely delicious, can be eaten any time of day and the sauce is very hearty. I seeked the King of Curry, CoCo Ichibanya when I was in Singapore, I figure it’d be a cheaper option than to fly to Japan and try it there (hahaha).

CoCo Ichibanya was decorated with cute murals on the wall and the menu was very extensive. For starters, you can reduce the amount of rice you want in the serving and add any toppings into the curry. Not only that, they also offer five different level of spiciness for the curry sauce.

Hubby was tempted to try the extremely hot one and after much thought he decided on it. Hubby ordered extra fried chicken as an additional topping for his beef curry. I wasn’t feeling well at that time but I figured spicy curry could cure my blocked nose so I ordered mine with level 3 and sweet corn topping.

I reduced the rice for my beef curry which turned out to be perfect. Hubby was really full after eating his curry and questioned his judgment on why he ordered the extra topping. CoCo Ichibanya wasn’t cheap if you considered the cost of extra topping or drinks, but the restaurant was definitely perfect for a family outing and quick lunch or dinner.

We spotted a guy who ordered his curry with the extremely hot level and he had trouble finishing it. He was sweating bullets but of course a guy had to look strong especially when surrounded by two pretty girls that he shared his table with. We went out of the restaurant while eyeing him through the corner of our eyes. I think it boosted Hubby’s confidence because he finished his curry without any problems at all (*evil smirk*).