AEIOU Cafe, King George's Avenue

We visited the AEIOU cafe on our last day of holiday in Singapore when I was still recovering from flu. I was pretty sure that I got my flu from one of the guys that stayed at the hostel (grrrr) and I even gave him some of my tablets so he didn't spread his germs to other people. This was the first holiday where I forced to purchase cold and flu tablets from the pharmacy (hahaha).

AEIOU was a rustic, vintage and charming small cafe located in King George's Avenue area, less than 10 minutes walk from Lavender MRT station. The cafe that used to be an antique shop was very easy to spot because the cafe was the only colourful venue surrounded by grey concrete buildings.

The interior definitely had the eclectic vibe through a lot of mix and match furniture that co-exist peacefully in one site. Vintage crockery, antique lamp and a lot of green plants could be seen throughout the wall of the cafe. 

The avocado coffee served in re-purposed Vodka glass was so yummy. There were different ways to drink it such as pouring the whole shot into the glass. I decided to enjoy the avocado milk shake by itself then pouring the whole shot into it which resulted in a perfect concoction, yum! I haven't had a glass of avocado coffee for a very long time since I moved to Perth 16 years ago.

We also ordered a slice of NY Cheese Cake with rich dense consistency while creamy at the same time. I think I'm on a mission to find a good NY Cheese Cake in Perth now! The cheese cake was quite filling though so I had to share it with hubby even though I planned to finish it by myself...

So, why AEIOU? The concept behind it was because we need to be reminded to go back to basic and nature. The alphabets A, E, I, O, U were the very first vowel that we all learnt when we were little. On the side note, I saw a young man paid for his mum's meal secretly that day because it was his special date with his mum. What a great reminder of how love should be :-).