Dream Lodge Hostel

I never stayed in a hostel before for a holiday but this time I wanted to try it because the Dream Lodge Singapore was crowned number 1 hostel by the Trip Advisor. A lot of people left a really positive review and plus it was a good money saving initiative for our culinary trip to Singapore. 

Our plane was delayed for 45 minutes and the owner of Dream Lodge hostel, Sam, was still waiting for us at the wee hours. I called him right away from the airport because I was afraid that he'd left and went home before we arrive.

We were told to put remove our shoes and put it on the shoe rack before we entered the main bedrooms. Sam also gave us two towels and showed us how to use the electronic wristband to open the hostel door in case we got in after hours. I was so surprised that the shared bedroom had huge lockers for our luggage.

In the shared room, each guest had their own pod (sleeping area) and there was also a pod for two people. The queen size pod will always be located above two single pods and you need to climb up the stairs to access it. The pod system that was used a lot in Japan really made the sleeping area felt very private and secure. 

Dream Lodge also provided their guests with hair-dryers for daily use and washing machine. This would be extremely useful if you plan to stay in Singapore for quite a long time. Breakfast was also provided to all guests which consisted of fresh fruits, instant coffee / tea, bread, jam and cereals. 

One of my happiest moment in the Dream Lodge was sharing the TV in the living room with some of the lodgers. We made some new friends when we stayed there, one person was staying there for almost a month. There were some people who worked in Singapore for indefinite period of time and due to the expensive rents, they preferred to stay at the hostel instead. I'd definitely recommend other people to try to stay in a hostel when they have a chance to do so. We'll definitely be more than happy to book the Dream Lodge again next time we need to visit Singapore!

Website: Dream Lodge