Melting Pot Applecross

I'm glad to say that I've never walked out from the Melting Pot with an unhappy feeling. For me this restaurant ticks all the right boxes from really good service, food delivery times and quality. I ordered a few takeaways from Melting Pot in the past and they always packaged my food very well. 

The owner and staff always greeted us whenever we walked inside the premise to dine in. My favourite food from the Melting Pot are beef Rendang, Indonesian fried noodle and Nasi Lemak.  I tried their sweet and sour pork on the other hand but wasn't too happy with the taste. Other dishes that I tried were gado gado (vegetables salad with peanut sauce), empek empek (fried fish cake served with mixed noodles and sweet palm sugar) and soto betawi (Indonesian beef soup/curry originated from Jakarta area).

I’m glad to say that I’ve never walked out from here with an unhappy feeling.

As mentioned, the beef rendang was quite authentic and spicy. The meat was slow cooked well and wasn't stringy or chewy.  The portion was quite good and they provided plenty of sauce. We usually asked for the rendang to be made spicier (yum!).

Melting Pot also sells some cakes and muffins

Empek Empek - fried fish cakes

The Indonesian fried noodle tasted like what was sold on the side street stalls in Indonesia so it really brought back a flood of good memories whenever we ate it.

The Nasi Lemak was a bit different than Malaysian Nasi Lemak. It came with grilled chicken instead of fried chicken, which made it a healthier option I guess. The dish was usually served with the anchovies and peanuts, sambal, cucumber and eggs.

This is one of my favourite restaurants to dine at, especially on Monday afternoons before my usual badminton session.  One day I'd finish going through everything in their menu...

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