Hayashi Japanese Restaurant, Melville

Late last year, Hayashi had a change of management and the new owner, Bruce, decided to tweak the old menu including introducing new types of desserts such as tofu cheesecake, plum sake sorbet with vanilla ice cream, and pistachio crème brulee.

One day, hubby and I decided to try this Japanese restaurant, especially since both of us were in need of good comfort food. Hubby had a hard day at work and I wanted to treat him to a nice dinner (ie. using his money)...

We were browsing Zomato app and decided to go to Hayashi, especially since we hadn't been there for quite some time. We had a difficult time to find a parking spot, so we parked at a parallel street to Ogilvie Road.

When we entered the premise, we were greeted professionally by the staff and asked whether we had made any booking previously or not. After being ushered to our table, I decided to wander around and take a look at some of their award plaques and decorations.

After I filled in my curiosity, I decided to peruse the extensive dinner menu. When I saw beef teppanyaki, I knew straight away what I wanted to order. The menu said "Superior Beef Tenderloin, grilled on teppanyaki hot plate and flambe with brandy". The staff came around to ask whether I had any question or if we need any recommendation, so we enquired about the size of the beef teppanyaki.

He explained it will be 150gm beef and that the dish will be served with edamame, lotus chips, vegetables and dipping sauce. I asked for my beef to be cooked medium rare and I also ordered a rice bowl with it.

Hubby really liked his bento and ate everything in it. The bento was pretty complete and the whole set came with miso soup, sushi roll, veggies and fruits to clean the palate. The karaage chicken was tender and tasty. The bento itself costs $26.50.

When the beef teppanyaki arrived, I thought to myself that this dish would be really easy to finish. How wrong was I, the dish proved to be quite filling!

The beef itself was really tender and cooked perfectly. I was really happy about it and can confidently say that I'd go back to eat the same dish.

While it may seems steep for some diners, it can be considered as a good quality food.

In addition to our main meals, hubby decided to try the plum sake sorbet which turned out to be quite a disappointment.

While the ice cream was nice, it was rather disproportionate to the frozen plum sake sorbet that was offered. The pistachio crème brulee saved the day and even though it was served in a small mug, we barely able to finish it.

Hayashi is a great place to have a date night and it offers a serene atmosphere, especially since customers will be able to talk freely without much disturbances. The food was great and the staff was really attentive to our needs. After having such a good experience, we will come back for another special dinner next time.

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