Chu Bakery Highgate

My friend, Jeremy and I decided to take a trip to Chu Bakery before his singing practice at church. So we went there at around 12 pm and expected Chu to run out of a lot of pastries and cakes. Even though we were so lucky to find a parking spot right outside of Chu (next to the public phone box), our  hearts sank when we saw the long queue inside the bakery. As soon as we walked inside, we saw that Chu had replenished their stock of matcha yuzu as well as their croissants! 

I kinda wanted to turn off my brain when Jeremy informed me that he wasn't supposed to eat any desserts before his singing practice and explained what would happen to his throat. Apparently it could make his throat quite sticky due to excessive mucus build up...

We settled for one matcha yuzu, Boston donuts, almond croissant and strawberry cream tart. We also ordered the coffee from Chu and Jeremy said our order will be delivered to us. We didn't realise that Chu has a take-away window for all coffee order, fortunately one of the kind staff took our coffee to us.

The strawberry cream tart was another hit. Eating this was really easy, especially since the crust was quite solid. The creamy centre had enough sweetness to it and the taste of strawberry really spreaded out to the cream. We saw a tinge of pink when we took a bite into our tart! 

My favourite was the simple Boston donut. It gave us the pure joy to eat this. The dough was fluffy and soft. Would it be okay to have this for breakfast every day? 

The almond croissant was flaky and buttery with a sprinkling of powdery white sugar. I like how those white sugar makes any dessert look really pretty. The croissant smells really good too.

Jeremy's favourite was the matcha yuzu especially due to the sour yuzu jelly inside the pastry. I like how the yuzu jelly was in green colour as well, this could only mean that they put a thought into planning and making it.

The next time I'm at Chu it will be due to their chocolate eclairs that I have yet to try. 

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