Healthy Froyo, Sour Sally Bali (Invited)

On our way to Japan, we transited in Bali for a good 13 hours. Within that time we managed to explore Ubud, Tegalalang and Kuta area. When we were in Kuta, we visited the Sour Sally booth that was really famous for its charcoal detox froyo frozen yoghurt. I really miss Sour Sally and its mochi topping. Sour Sally always brought back memories of me and my dad eating froyo together. This shop was his favourite froyo shop.

I did myself a big favour and ordered the Riche Black Sakura parfait which was filled with heaps of fruits and really refreshing. Hubby ordered one Lykone with Black Sakura froyo as well. The Lykone was a bit cheaper compared to Riche, it was roughly about AUD $4.90 while my Riche costed AUD $6.20.

Riche Parfait!

Each order of Riche parfait comes with 3 selection of fruits, 1 crunchy topping and a sauce of your choice. I chose rainbow fruits crunchy, watermelon, mango, red dragon fruit and really yummy yellow velvet sauce! The yellow velvet sauce was a combination of lemon and chocolate sauce. 

Black Sakura itself was the world's first charcoal & sakura infused frozen yoghurt. It's high in antioxidants and helps the body flush out toxins.

Here it is, the yellow Lykone!

Each order of Lykone comes with 2 toppings that you can choose from a selection of fruits, crunchy toppings and sauces. Additional topping will cost you around AUD $0.60. The fun thing about Lykone is that you can choose the colour of the cone that you want. There are black, green, yellow, pink and red colour cones available. Hubby went with the yellow cone instead of the pink one...

Hubby chose the White Skim which was made from Greenfields' hi-calcium skim milk. The milk is low fat and low in cholesterol but creamy and soft at the same time. Hubby chose the mochi mix topping with frosted choco nuts sauce. The sauce was very nutty indeed!

Sour Sally uses premium yoghurt and they are very well known throughout Indonesia and other countries. The business started in 2008 and re-branded themselves in 2015 and adding some healthy products such as Black Sakura and White Skim into the mix.

The Sour Sally shop that we visited was located at Beachwalk Bali. It was a good dessert to have anytime. We actually had this before our lunch and really enjoyed it. If you need your froyo fix, make sure to check out Sour Sally :-)

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