G Dragon's Monsant Cafe, Jeju (카페 애월 드 몽상)

The beautiful Monsant Cafe was always in my 'to visit' list for Jeju. It wasn't because this establishment was owned by G Dragon but mainly because the 200 m2 cafe looked very stylish. The cafe was opened late October 2015.

The body of the building was created from the local basalt stone, reflective glass and crushed concrete. The combination of materials created a very modern structural building and the reflective wide windows looked very beautiful during sunrise and sunset. Inside, it was quite rustic and hip with the bright neon lights, wooden furniture and chipped concrete walls.

I made the mistake of visiting this cafe late in the evening but the night view from Aewol was very beautiful. It was in the middle of winter and quite windy but we saw a lot of young people hanging around the area. We couldn't find parking next to the Monsant Cafe so we walked for about 10 minutes from where we parked. It is about 2 minutes away from Bomnal Cafe (GPS: 7994999).

We went inside and found out from the staff that they could only serve drinks to us. I was surprised that they closed the kitchen quite early for such a premium cafe. When we went there the cafe itself closed at 8PM so Hubby and I walked around the shore to find another place to hang out. 

There was a flight of stair leading to the rooftop but we didn't go up because it was quite chilly. Next time I'll make a note to pay a visit early in the morning so I can take a better photo of Monsant Cafe!

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