Mapster: Hottest Chicken at BHC Chicken (BHC치킨)

Better Healthier Choice (BHC) Chicken is one of the famous fried chicken franchises in South Korea. We were lucky that this was one of the restaurants located right across our hotel in Jeju Island. The popularity of chimaek (chicken & maekju/beer) in Southeast Asia and China hiked up after the release of My Love from the Star TV drama. In the drama, there was a scene where the popular actress was Jeon Ji-hyun enjoying chimaek so much.

Jeon Ji-hyun is now the face for BHC Chicken but some people didn't realise that she didn't eat BHC Chicken in the TV Drama. She was actually enjoying the Kyochon Chicken (another fried chicken franchise). BHC Chicken was really smart to sign her up as their ambassador. BHC Chicken claimed to use the best grade chicken available (grade 10 from the Golden Zone Chicken) and cooked their chicken in a high-oleic sunflower oil.

Ordering at BHC was really easy because each table has its own button that you can press to notify the waitstaff. We ordered the spiciest fried chicken from the menu which was the Mapster Chicken. We just wanted to challenge our taste buds and see whether it was really really spicy...

Cheesy Snowing Chips

We almost ordered another one but decided not to because it might be too many. We didn't want to bring some take-away chicken into the hotel room as well because the smell might linger. So we ordered cheesy snowing chips on the side. The chips was alright, it has a bit of sweet flavour to it but I might skip it next time.

The Mapster

The boneless chicken came in a similar form to nuggets and even the texture was similar too. The Mapster sauce is the combination of gochujang, pepper and chili. It had a good kick of spiciness to it but also sweet at the same time. I got a bit sick of the sauce towards the end. If you have a high tolerance for spicy food, this won't really do anything much for you. Hubby and I survived the hottest item in the BHC menu very well.

Somehow the flavour of the Mapster sauce reminded me a lot of spicy sauce that Indonesian people used to cook fish with... The Mapster will be a really good dish to eat together with warm rice.

Next time we'll go for the famous BHC's Bburinkle Chicken that came with sweet cheese seasoning (similar concept to Nene's snowing vegetable). The price of chicken at BHC was similar to other fried chicken restaurants but as for the taste I still like Kyochon Chicken better :-).