Waffle House, Hongdae

When we walked around Hongdae during our first night there, we stumbled upon a long queue of people in front of a place called Waffle House. From what we learnt in Japan, a queue for food is a sign that people love it! So I let hubby to join the queue while I looked at the waffle menu and decided on the Strawberry Waffle with Cream.

The big waffle was quite cheap!

It turned out that most people had the same idea as well! After we ordered, we moved to the line on the left which was the pick up order line. From there I could see clearer that the owner created 5-6 waffles in one go. Their waffles looked really consistent down to the texture of it. They must have mastered their waffle making technique!

The smell of the fresh waffle really filled the cold winter air that night. While we were waiting for our order, we saw an increase in the queuing line to our right. The order system was quite easy, we were given a ticket number according to our order. They will shout out the number in Korean as well as English.

Our waffle was so yummy especially with the fresh home-made cream! It was really good in size too for the price. We paid 3,000 KRW for this which was equivalent to AUD $3-3.20. One waffle was really filling for one person so I shared mine with hubby. 

If you walk around Hongdae Area (take Hongik Univ line exit 9), keep an eye out for this small shop and definitely try it!