Din Tai Fung

Andrew and I always wondered how Din Tai Fung (DTF) can consistently keep their rich flavour after opening many branches around the world. We visited a few Din Tai Fung restaurants when we were in Singapore and were blown away by their good quality control. At the same time we also thought that maybe we were just lucky... ;-)

Two things that we always ordered in Din Tai Fung were their shrimp & pork shao mai and of course the 18 folds original Xiao Long Bao. DTF's xiao long bao is really in the league of their own. Honestly we never found any broken dumpling skin! On another note, I never really counted the number of folds on their dumpling.

The shao mai was also always very delicious with plenty of pork meats inside. I always add vinegar to shao mai and the xiao long bao as I love the additional sour flavour on my dumplings. Of course the price of their dishes are more than the other Chinese restaurants but the quality never disappoints us.