Chye Seng Huat Hardware

It seemed that Chye Seng Huat Hardware or CSHH was one of the most talked about coffee shops in Singapore. CSHH adopted the previous hardware store name and made it hip. Fortunately I stayed at Dream Hostel which was less than 5 minutes walk from this spot. I was warned by the owner of the hostel that the coffee there was quite expensive so I better prepare my heart beforehand.

I didn't know the normal cost of coffee in Singapore but it almost costs the same with Perth, Australia. The regular espresso and coffee costs $5.50 in the menu while the Nitro Brew that was recommended by Em was a tad more expensive at $7.00.

We went there quite early in the morning and there were some few spots still available for us. There was quite a big courtyard located outside of the coffee shop and at night the whole place transformed into a hip beer garden called Incognito.

CSHH had a lot of interesting cakes on display such as Chempedak Crumble, the colourful ang ku kueh, and Earl Grey cheesecake! If I didn't order any breakfast then I'd surely get a couple of those cakes! Their list of hand-brews coffee was also very interesting. 

The pretty Nitro Black Matter

The Nitro Black Matter was available on the tap which was really cool! I think each coffee shop in Perth needs to install one of those kegerators. The nitro infused coffee had a really cold, extra creamy feel and quite silky when I drank it. Physically it looked exactly like a glass of Guinness after they poured it with the stout-like effect. 

In terms of food, CSHH changed their menu around a lot of times so it's good to stay tuned to their IG account to see the special menu that they'll offer. Hubby chose the Salmon with Potato Rosti but the potato rosti wasn't crispy enough. It was an okay breakfast, good enough to fuel the rest of our day. Mine was really delicious though, it was a place of eggs benedict with a thick slab of luncheon meat (yay)!

I bought a takeaway coffee from CSHH on my last day in Singapore and had to queue for a while. It was a busy morning and a lot of working people went there to grab a shot for caffeine. I refrained from drinking my coffee right away because I want to see whether they created a latte art for any takeaway coffee. Imagine my shock when I found out that they didn't fill up the whole cup and the fact that I got a burnt cup of coffee from CSHH... I'd call that an expensive cup of coffee.