Lunch Special: The Silks Review

We went to the Silks in a group of 12 for a lunch birthday celebration on one weekend. It was a brand new experience for all of us to eat at a luxurious Chinese Restaurant, so we opted for the weekend lunch menu that costs $49 per person. We thought the elongated entrance to the Silks was beautiful but the inside of the Silks was even more impressive. The Silks definitely gives out a luxurious vibe with their warm lighting, plush carpet, gold accents and a mixture of crème and brown furnitures.

We were ushered to our private table when we arrived. On the table there were two sets of chopsticks (one to eat your food with and the other one to take food off the shared plates), white heavy linen, and beautiful sets of plates (again, with gold accent). We had two waiters for our table and one of them asked about the kind of tea that we wanted. The group was divided between jasmine and chrysanthemum tea, but the waiters simply said that he would serve both. Not long after that, we saw him again with a serving trolley and two teapots on a burner. The two wait staff were really attentive to our need. They were always on the lookout whether we need more tea or water but at the same time they gave us privacy to talk as well.

Trio dimsum selection (shark, prawn, crab)

The weekend lunch consisted of trio dimsum selection (shark, prawn, crab), prawn spring roll, crispy fried Patagonian toothfish taro puffs, kung pao chicken with dried chili, signature fried rice (with roast duck, prawn, scallops, vegetables in XO sauce), and beautiful dessert in a double glass (mango pudding, lime streusel/ crumbs, coconut, lime sorbet and compressed mango). We also received complimentary square fruit jellies. The most impressive out of all dish was the fresh mango dessert, a good finisher to our meal.

This isn't your standard dim sum or Chinese restaurant. You won't find carts of food going around where you can simply choose which baskets you want. Instead it was more a la carte and food was presented in a more fine dining style where presentation overrules portion. While the food was enjoyable, I can imagine the stark change in the dim sum experience can be hard to get used to. 

Unfortunately the weekend lunch weren’t enough to keep some of the guys full and most of us would prefer cheaper food at other Chinese restaurants. At the same time we were pleased that we experienced the Silks at least once. I definitely like the decoration, crockeries and the service. We might need to take on gambling and become high rollers before another visit though.

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