Matchmaker Dinner: Blue Duck Review

One night my friend asked me whether me and my husband want to have dinner together with him. In an attempt to be a good matchmaker, I excitedly nodded and said yes.

They became an item at the end of April 2015!

 I went on to do an in depth research on romantic restaurants in Perth as well as restaurant with waterfront view. That was how I stumbled upon Blue Duck.

This restaurant is quite spacious and well lit, we can even see the sunset from the terrace. The terrace also have some outdoor seating which won't be suitable for a big group of people due to the limited space. It will make a good spot to dine during warmer weather such as late spring or summer. I didn't take any photo of it but there was some blue rubber ducks that can be purchased near the cashier area.

On overall note, it was a good dining experience and we will definitely come back to try the winter menu. Also, the matchmaking went too well that me and hubby felt we should left the two lovebirds alone...

As for food, the Blue Duck served fresh fish and chips which is a good change from the oily fish & chips that we usually got at suburban outlets. Mini tom yum tacos with grilled barramundi was really good, it had good balance of the coriander and chili. The coffee martini was okay and the staff apologized for it because she put too much coffee liquor inside the martini. She offered to get me some sugar that I can put inside the martini but I declined. 

Coffee Martini

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