Cafe Travel (카페트레블), Ihwa-dong Seoul

Have you ever experienced the feeling of eating delicious food after a good work out session? We experienced this when we climbed up the many stairs and steep hills of Ihwa-dong. Ihwa-dong is a famous mural village in Seoul and so we wanted to check out all of the creative murals around the area. I definitely underestimated the steep hills because we were puffing and huffing by the time we climbed up to the top of the hill.

The cafe is called: 카페트레블 / Travel Cafe

On a good side, there was a cute cafe called 'Cafe Travel' and without a second thought we just walked right into the cafe to rest and to have a quick lunch. It felt like my sore knees thanked me for taking a seat after a strenuous workout... (for us anyway) :-D. This cafe is located next to Naksan Park.

It was a small cafe with outdoor and indoor seating. The interior of the cafe was really cute and beautiful, we really loved different paintings on the concrete walls and columns. The yellow LED light gave a warm feel for the cafe atmosphere.

I ordered a cup of Americano while Hubby treated himself to a glass of lemon tea. We ordered one pepperoni pizza for sharing. It was one of the best pizzas we had ever tasted. The crust was thin, it had plenty of pepperoni and we loved the look of the melted cheese too!

It was a simple lunch but filling enough for the two of us. Located at the second storey of the building, Cafe Travel offers a really great view during day and night time. It's a good pit stop when you walk around Ihwa-dong or after your visit to nearby Naksan Park.