Angel Falls Grill, Shafto Lane (Invited)

Angel Falls Grill is the first Venezuelan restaurant in Perth, located on Shafto Lane. It’s not a huge restaurant and but the food that they were pumping out and the happy spirit of the staff made the atmosphere really different from other businesses around it. Bonus: all of their dishes are Gluten-Free (GF) and carnivores will have a real treat with the meat degustation dish at Angel Falls Grills.

Sergio, not sure what to do :D

The name Angel Falls was inspired by the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall in Venezuela with the height of 979 metres from a table-top mountain called Auyantepui. Gilda and Sergio who own Angel Falls Grill put a wall to wall photo of this waterfall at the back of their restaurant.

Sangria Party

We went in a group of 6 people and seated at the high table. Venezuelan cuisine definitely has a lot of plantain, beans and corn. After browsing through the menu and saw that we liked everything (but surely couldn’t order everything in the menu), we asked Gilda for recommendations. Straight away she smiled and arranged a platter of entrée for us which consisted of empanadas, arepas and toston.

Arepas, Toston with Green Plantain and Empanadas

The Empanadas’ skin was formed really well and very easy to eat. I got to try the shredded beef with black beans and feta which was a perfect combination as well as the cheddar and feta. Even though it was called ‘mini’, the size of the Empanadas was really good.

Toston was South American green plantain and delicious shredded beef, an ingredient which was used a lot in Latin American cooking. All of the Toston came with feta cheese topping, it reminded me of mini nachos. The Arepas which was quite small in size was a really great snack and it was packed with flavour too!

Cachapas' polenta skin was amazing!

We also tried some Cachapas which was a delicious pancake made of polenta. Growing up I ate a lot of sweet corn fritters so eating Cachapas gave me a very nostalgic feeling. It was delicious and my favourite would be the Pabellon with feta, shredded beef and black beans filling! The greenie was another one that I like since the light filling which consisted of feta, avocado and tomatoes.

Meaty Tepuy Degustation!

Since Angel Falls is a specialised in Venezuelan grill meat, everyone at our table decided to try the Tepuy Degustation. We chose this simply because it sounded more exotic than the Big Grill (hahaha). Tepuy Degustation came with 450gr of all cuts of beef which are Lomito (tenderloin), Punta (rump), Solomo served together with morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, ripe plantain, mini arepas (yes, the more the merrier), congri (rice and black beans) and guasacaca (avocado salsa) sauce. Phew, it was a very good introduction to Venezuelan grilled meats!

We barely had enough room for dessert but we were so keen to taste what Angel Falls could offer us. So we ordered the Three Milk Cake, golden Quesillo (yummy caramel flan), Fruity Cachapa and Mini Cake. Warning: the three milk cake was really delicious and spongy but the size was quite huge and it's advisable to share instead of ordering one for yourself.

I really like the Fruity Cachapa which wasn't too heavy on the tummy and also because it combined together the sweetness of polenta with some refreshing fruits (banana and strawberries).

There is a sauce that you definitely have to order when you dine at Angel Falls Grill and it’s AFG’s Venezuelan Chili Kick sauce. Everyone at the table wanted to get a small bottle of this sauce but unfortunately they didn’t have it for sale (yet) ;-). Live music is also available every weekend and if you’re looking for a friendly good night out, Angel Falls Grill is a highly recommended place to go to.

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