The Little Shop of Plenty, Maylands

I'm not a vegan but I do enjoy eating clean and healthy food as part of my foodie journey, so I was really looking forward to try out The Little Shop of Plenty (TLSP). I was invited to check out the new app called Feedmee App by Brenda and Tyler. Both of them dubbed the app as the 'tinder for food' and if you're familiar with Tinder, this app was very easy to use as well. Not only easy to use but they will also donate every 5th meal that you find using the app. I will play around with it more once they released the beta version for us to trial.

TLSP was the perfect venue for a foodie gathering and even though it looked deceivingly small on the outside, it was quite spacious, bright and airy on the inside. They even have a mini sandpit for kids to play in and a lot of space for parents to park their prams.

Kim and Mark started TLSP with a healthy conscious goal of providing better food and help people feel healthier by doing so. Of course when we think about healthy food, typically all that will come into mind will be every food that has a green colour. Thankfully TLSP went further than that by introducing nutritious ingredients such as spirulina, chlorella, berries (they do delicious berry compote!) and even kelp (yes, the seaweed superstar!).

@perthveganeats explained to me that TLSP used dehydrated mushrooms for this dish

Eating around many foodies meant that I also got to try different food during my lunch time. I ordered the raw pizza with dehydrated field mushrooms, lemon thyme, garlic and cashew creme fraiche. The base of the pizza was made with buckwheat and golden flax. Honestly, I love it :-D, especially the crunchy texture of the mushrooms!

Cat from @perth_gram kindly shared her pretty looking mee goreng which was made with kelp. The photo above will show a bowl of mee goreng on the table (not the one that Cat was holding). The mee goreng had a really good spicy kick to it from the chili sambal. I also tried their special dessert dish which was a refreshing cocoa crepe with cocowhip and berry compotes.

Kim kindly cut up some of their delicious raw cakes into small bites for us. I tried the carrot cake, three layers cake (espresso, hazelnut, almonds) and orange cake. The latter was my favourite out of the three because it was bursting with so much orange flavour.

TLSP is a really great cafe located in Maylands and I'd definitely suggest anyone to give it a try before dismissing it as another healthy food cafe. Their food was prepared really well, presented beautifully and most importantly, tasted delicious as well.

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