Outback Jacks Cannington (Invited)

We went to Outback Jacks Cannington for lunch on Sunday and we were treated to delicious steak! Outback Jacks is a chain steakhouse known for its big portion and great price of steak. Their menu is quite big and other than steak you can also find burgers, pasta, salad, chicken and ribs.

The Outback Jacks Cannington has an open kids room where they can play with their toys or the provided Play Station and even watch any cartoon provided by the staff.

Skippy Dundee - $19.95

Hubby and I decided to get something a bit different for the entree and we opted for the novelty Skippy Dundee. The Skippy Dundee is a combo of two famous Aussie's meats which are crocodile and kangaroo. Those meats are then grilled and serve on skewers. This delicious entree is also served with a bowl of Jacks bush chutney. We both really enjoyed this dish and found that all meats were quite tender. 

If you're game then the Outback Jacks has a full menu for Aussie's meats called Outback Game. They have kangaroo, camel, emu, wild boar, crocodile, buffalo and even witjuti (...)! All meals are subject to product availability. I wonder if they actually keep a lot of witjuti in their storage room... 

Spiced Calamari (yum!)

Our spiced calamari was very well presented! The spiced skin was really yummy while the squid itself had enough chewiness to it. This dish was presented with a bowl of garlic aioli. While I love calamari, the price for this dish is $25.95 which almost able to get you a steak meal.

Our steak was cooked the way we wanted it and we could not be more happy with our order. When you order, there's also topping that you can have with your steak. I chose the $4 Fiery Red Rock sauce with jalapenos and cheese sauce. It was actually had a good spicy kick to the sauce so be careful if you're a bit intolerant to chilli.

The Outback Jacks Cannington is a perfect venue for a large group to dine in as it's very spacious. The dining area itself was divided into two where one side is located at the front of the house and the bigger area is located at the back of the house. At the back area you can see a big crocodile hanging upside down on the ceiling, I thought it was a cool idea.

We enjoyed our time at Outback Jacks but we felt that they should focus on their steak menu instead of advertising other dishes such as pasta. That way they don't have to stock all ingredients that they didn't need and make some spaces for more meaty beef!

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