BOGO Offer: Ben & Jerry's, Lakeside Joondalup (Invited)

Ben & Jerry's Pretty Cones

One Green Bean contacted me about the new Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop opening around mid-July. I contacted some friends to visit the outlet on Thursday the 13th of August, especially since they will have Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer for the whole week long! Yes... what wouldn't I give for a free cone of Ice Cream.

Unfortunately, none of the Joondalup's Scoop Shop staff seemed to know about the BOGO offer and I had to show the media release to the Manager. The Manager said that the special would only start on Friday, the 14th of August. After what seemed to be a long conversation, she ended up honouring the purchase. We opted for a BRRR-ito.

Since it was our first time trying the BRRR-ito, we were quite surprised that it wasn't as big as we thought it would be. I definitely could go for a second round. My other friend came late to the gathering and she was going for the BOGO special, but the staff said she couldn't honour the special. This was quite upsetting, especially since the Manager was standing next to the staff and didn't do anything about it. My friends just paid for their ice cream separately, especially since we couldn't be bothered to talk to the Manager again.

The BRRR-ito with Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz was really good, and I love the espresso bean chocolatey chunks on it. The Phish Food chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow, caramel swirls and chocolate fish was a bit too sweet for me. Even though BRRR-ito was quite tiny, I'd definitely go back for more (yeay!).

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