Why You Need to Watch Outstanding Non-Verbal Performance of GEAR

I love to see concerts, musical and movies in different countries (yes… we’re talking local cinema 😉 ), so I looked for one before I visited Kyoto. I found one. GEAR is a beautiful non-verbal performance based in Kyoto. They performed in Europe and other countries too. I hope they'll be able to visit Australia one day.

It was quite straightforward to book the ticket online through GEAR website. The staff will send another confirmation email closer to the date. You need to reply to the email, or they will release the ticket. 

There are three tiers of pricing for seating, with the special area costs the most at 4,200 JPY. The standard seating is 3,700, and the side seating is 2,700 JPY. If you have the budget, then go with the special area seating and ask in the email if they can allocate you to the front row seat. It will allow you to have interaction with the performers and see the show up close. 👏 👏

Check out the teaser trailer:

First of its kind in Japan, GEAR is a unique non-verbal performance that stimulates your five senses with a moving story set in the future. Accompanied by impressive stage effects set up using techniques ranging from those used in Kabuki plays to the latest technologies, GEAR is bound to offer you a theatrical experience you will never forget!

GEAR’s story is lovely and quite emotional; I shed tears during the performance. The stage won the 43rd Kisaku Itou award, a unique prize for stage design. Each performer was very talented in their way. You'll be treated to world champion break dancer, a famous magician, international gold medallist mime, and a record-setting national juggler.

Unfortunately, this is also the reason why it’s so hard to bring GEAR to other countries. The logistic is too expensive and troublesome, especially considering they keep the payment quite low for each show.

GEAR Kyoto performers

I decided to buy the programme for my own souvenir. 💖 It was an unforgettable performance, and I guarantee that GEAR won't disappoint you. I really recommend splurging a bit more to get the front row seats, as you might not be able to see the full movements and performances from the back of the theatre.

It is quite a small theatre and there are some stairs to climb. The stair is quite narrow, so make sure to be safe and hold on to the wall. Other than that, enjoy the beautiful performance. I can’t wait for GEAR to be available in other countries.