mag Cafe (喫茶マグmag), Kyoto

It was just before 10PM when we walked along the wrong alleyway in Kyoto. I was trying to find a cafe to sit at and we stumbled upon mag.

Hubby and I decided to try this place so we opened the door to the stylish cafe and was greeted by the friendly owner. We were informed that we only had 15 minutes to enjoy our coffee before they closed but we decided to give a try anyway.

The wooden decoration made the cafe feel airy and bright. We also saw the staircase to go to the second storey and the toilet nearby. Since we were the only customers that night, I just sat at the counter. 

We quickly browsed the small menu contained in a photo album since our time was very limited. I chose hot mocha while Hubby chose the Americano. I was surprised because Hubby didn't usually drink coffee, I thought he'd go for something sweeter like iced chocolate.

Iced Americano

The accommodating owner saw that Hubby didn't drink the coffee as much and she offered him a small cup of milk to be mixed with the coffee. Not only that, she also put a small jar of sugar in front of him.

My caffe mocha came at the perfect temperature and served in a handmade bowl. I really loved it especially since it came with three big marshmallows. The bowl and the wooden spoon reminded me a lot of the Japanese tea ceremony. The whole combination really brought a calming and heartwarming effect.

If you see the below map, the quaint cafe can be accessed through the Kiya-machi Dori. Next time when I visit Kyoto I'll definitely go there again to try some desserts offered at the cafe.