Where to Get the Best Inari Sushi in Tokyo

I've been an avid Inari-zushi eater since I found out about it back in junior high school. Inari-zushi is a simple type of sushi where rice vinegar gets stuffed into deep fried tofu skin (aburaage). A good inari will have a sweet flavour on the skin from its seasoning.

On our last day in Tokyo we found a brochure about Ningyocho, an old town in the middle of modern Tokyo. The brochure talked about Shinodazushi Sohonten (人形町 志乃多寿司 總本店) which is a shop that has been focusing on making inari-zushi bento boxes.


I decided to buy the 540 yen bento which gave me 6 inari-zushi.  We took it back to the hotel because there wasn't any space to eat around the shop.  The staff was very kind and letting me take some snaps of their bento boxes. 


Each bento box that you order will be wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper with the expiry date stamped on it. It will make a perfect gift for a visit to a friend's house.


Their inari-zushi was very delicious. Hubby even admitted that the sushi had a lot more sweet flavour than the normal inari that we usually had in Perth or at convenience stores in Japan.


The shop was a bit hard to find, but here's the address: 2-10-10 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku. The shop was founded in 1877 in Amakaze Yokocho and many people bought their bento boxes to be enjoyed inside the Meijiza Theatre.

Other than inari-zushi they also sell chakin-zushi, which is sushi rice that gets wrapped in a thin omelet-like skin.