Pumphouse Point

Postcard ;-)

Pumphouse Point was the first accommodation that I booked in Tasmania. The housings were divided into two different venues, the Pumphouse and the Shorehouse. Everyone who had seen the photos of the Pumphouse which located 250m out on the lake would want to stay there.

I almost lost my chance because I didn't book it in advance. Fortunately, I managed to secure one day at Pumphouse and another night at the Shorehouse. The difference was not only in price but also the toiletries and the style of the room. I drove down to Lake St Clair from Launceston through the Highland where I saw a lot of snows on the road.

Built in 1940

Built in 1940

The 5-storey Pumphouse was created to address the issue of drought in Tasmania, mainly since Lake St Clair was and still is the deepest freshwater lake in Tasmania. However, it was never operated as a proper Pumphouse, and the site was decommissioned in the early 90s. 

I was welcomed with a glass of wine, a thermos filled with mulled wine and two tin mugs with Pumphouse labels on it. It made an excellent souvenir that I still treasured until now. After I checked in, I was driven by the flume buggy. I didn't have to worry about my luggage (it was only one small luggage and a small grocery bag heheh).

Honesty Bar

If you want the full experience, then make sure to book a room at the Pumphouse. There are four rooms on the ground floor of the Pumphouse, and I stayed in one of them. There's a minimum of two nights stay for the weekend. In winter, I could hear the sounds of the howling wind at night and at the break of dawn. 

The lounge at Pumphouse was stunning especially when it gets closer to sunset and at night. I saw the mountain range from the ceiling to floor windows while some lounge songs were playing in the background. I wrote in my journal a lot during my stay there. The fireplace provided enough warmth during winter. There were two ladies from the Shorehouse who came over and spent two hours lounging in front of the fireplace.

The bathroom at both houses has heated floors. You will find Aesop toiletries at Pumphouse and Sukin at Shorehouse. The bed at both houses was very comfortable. The largest bedroom is located on the highest floor of the Pumphouse. 


Honesty bars are located in both houses. The system is straightforward. You just need to write down your room number and what you drink. They have different kind of spirit, whisky, wine, soft and soda water so you can make your own mix drinks.

Both houses also provide you with a lunch box that can be used to pack your own picnic. You can request a loaf of warm Sourdough bread to be delivered to your room daily. The pantry has various local wines, cold meats, cheese and delicious jams. I genuinely mean it when I said I could stay in for the whole day. 

Dinner will be served at the ground floor of the Shorehouse. The dining room housed 3-4 dining tables. Each table can accommodate 6-8 guests. I had a chance to enjoy the Cape Grim braised beef when I was there. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know other guests too.

Pumphouse Point is a destination, and I miss the feeling of spending the cold winter there. It's also close to the Cradle Mountain where you can see some Tasmanian Devils in the wild. I'd definitely put Pumphouse Point in the itinerary if I have another chance to go to Tasmania. One important point to remember: Vodafone doesn't work at Lake St Clair area, so it's better to use Telstra or Optus pre-paid there.