One Kueh at a Time

I remembered vividly watching Channel News Asia a few years back and found out about the existence of Nick Soon's hawker stall, called One Kueh at a Time. The name itself already evoked such a nostalgic feeling of delicious handmade kueh from the old times. Unfortunately, that was my last day in Singapore, and I couldn't prolong my stay to visit the stall.

Fast forward to 2017, I convinced my cousin and hubby to visit One Kueh new stall at Berseh Food Centre in Jalan Besar. We got a bit lost because of our unfamiliarity with the venue but soon found the booth with the help of other sellers there.

The fantastic thing about kueh and other food from hawkers stalls is that they represent a lost culture. Hawkers used to be really celebrated in the old times when compared to the current era. Tourists and locals like to eat there, but the question arises whether the young generation wants to pick up the skills, discipline, and even intricacy of creating certain dishes.

Beautiful Gems!

With Teochew kueh, the skin needs to be thin and firm to hold the filling at the same time. Each kueh that we ordered has generous fillings in it. Each kueh was made fresh each day. I'd advise people to order in advance, especially if they have large orders.

My fave: koo chye kueh!

When we were there, we ordered Soon Kueh with dried shrimps, turnips and black fungus fillings, Koo Chye Kueh with chives filling, and Beetroot Kueh. Each kueh looks pretty, especially with its translucent skin. 

If you take a trip to Singapore, swing by One Kueh at a Time to learn more about these beautiful gems, handmade one at a time.