Dim Sum Haus Reviews

My cousin and I purposely went to Dim Sum Haus after seeing the high rating in Google and Burpple. There was a small queue when we went there. When we were seated, the line grew longer and longer. We were so happy that we got our spot quickly.

We straight away browsed the menu and ordered some dumplings: Shanghai dumpling (xiao long bao), Japanese dumpling, steamed charcoal chicken and shrimp dumpling, Siew Mai , and crystal mushroom dumpling.

The steamed charcoal chicken and shrimp dumplings has attractive colour. It was delicious as well. The Siew Mai wasn't bad, but on the day it was a bit hard and we tasted better Siew Mai at other places. The Japanese dumpling and mushroom dumpling were both tasty.

Soup was leaking...

Soup was leaking...

The skin of our Shanghai dumplings was easily split, so we didn't get to enjoy much of it. Even before we picked up the dumpling, the soup was already leaking out. Unfortunately, we went to Din Tai Fung the previous day, so we were really unimpressed with Dim Sum Haus version.

The service on the day was quite slow and we saw that most staff were struggling to welcome customer as well as taking orders from a various table. The cashier was distracted many times before he accepted our payment.

If you're in the area, give the restaurant a try. We believe that with better service, Dim Sum Haus can attract many more customers.

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