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Northbridge Brewing Company: Celebrating All Things Pig (Invited)

We were invited to celebrate all things pig in a special limited edition menu that NBC created, called The Butcher & The Chef. WA raised pork was transformed into a range of delicious dishes with different cuts.

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Journey to The Pickled Herring at Two Rocks (Invited)

Ever since Chef Neil Herbert took over the kitchen of the Pickled Herring at Two Rocks, he has been trying to reinvent the place with a new identity and we were amazed at the delicious summer menu that he cooked for us.

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Birak Season at the Wildflower Perth

My first experience dining in at the Wildflower was really excellent. Hubby and I could taste the quality of fresh produce in each bite and I couldn't wait to see what they will have in store for the next Nyoongar season!

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