Xanadu's Summer Session, Margaret River (Invited)

We were invited by Xanadu Winery to attend their Summer Session early on this month. Every Sunday in December right until the 19th of February, Xanadu Winery in Margaret River have a line up of local musicians to entertain their diners.

When we went there on the 4th of December, the weather was just perfect! It was the start of summer and already we felt the heat of the sun on our arms. Good thing we put on heaps of sunscreen beforehand! Fortunately there were a lot of stand up shade umbrellas at the winery that were able to protect our pretty skins (hahaha).

The entrance to Xanadu Winery was quite easy to find but please drive slowly and carefully because the road is quite narrow. I drove in the middle of the road for quite some time because I thought it was a one way road until I saw another car coming from the opposite direction (oops...).

The set up for Summer Session was really cozy with heaps of good quality bean bags on the green lawn and outdoor chairs to laze around. Normal seating and standing up table also available outside. If the sun is not for you then the indoor dining area is also available.

We tried a few small plates selection that Sunday and especially loved the chicken liver parfait! The beef cheek croquettes were also a great choice and quite light for the hot weather. Talking about hot weather, we tried the award winning Xanadu's 2015 Chardonnay which had a really fresh pear and floral aroma with a bit of oak-y flavour.

The kitchen opens at 12PM until 4PM on Sunday. For parents who are looking for a bit of down time, Xanadu has a big lawn and an enclosed playground for kids. 

More info of the line up can be found: here.