Work Trip: Hurricane's Express Review

Many friends and acquaintances of mine have mentioned/hyped/bragged about Hurricane more than any other ribshouse I've heard about before. The last time I went to the more formal Hurricane restaurant was around five years ago. As someone from Perth on a Sydney work trip, I was excited that there was a Hurricane Express eatery nearby where I stayed in Chatswood. 

The place was called Hurricane's Express and by the name it looks like the smaller version of the flagship franchise found near the harbour. Contrary to what the name may imply there was plenty of tables and seats both inside and outside.

Ordered the half rack of lamb with baked potato. The portion was quite large and the lamb was very tasty. Didn't feel like the lamb was too fatty which was a good thing and the bakes potato was large and enjoyable. For a "half portion" this really felt like a full blown meal. Service was satisfactory, food didn't take too long to come out.

Definitely satisfied with the meal and enjoyed it enough to come back and try something else.