Pamper Time at Spring Spa, Bali

When in Bali, we always make time for a great spa treatment. This time around we went to Spring Spa. After reading about how Spring Spa coveted Asia's Best Day Spa 2017 for two consecutive years, we decided to book two-hour massage treatment there.

Welcome to Spring Spa :-D

Welcome to Spring Spa :-D

Spring Spa is headed by Ina Bajaj, an entrepreneur from Auckland and Bali was blessed enough to have three Spring Spa's. The one that we went to was located on the rooftop of Seminyak Village Mall. The elevator stopped right in front of the Spring Spa.

All white and minimalistic decor made the spa looked very clean. The waiting area could be improved with more decoration, but we were so happy with the spa cafe that serves cold and delicious drinks.

Our two-hour massage was blissful. I slept right through the session like a baby (plus the snore)... :-D It was exceptional! I also had quick threading done for my lips area before I left the spa.

Booking can be easily made online through the website. Don't forget to double check the confirmation email. The staff booked me in incorrectly, so I had to call Spring Spa to change the booking. I definitely recommend the Spring Spa if you're looking to pamper yourself in Bali. Have an enjoyable time in Bali!