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Inexology blog has been around since late 2014. Food and travel are two of my main focuses. Through curated photos and write-up, I hope you can be inspired to try new things, be it accommodation, food or places to visit. 

I love to work with different restaurants, hotels, travel brands, tourism boards, small businesses as well as tour operators. Send me through your proposals and ideas so we can talk more about it :-).

Brands Inexology worked with

Brands & Inexology

These are some brands that we worked together with. We love to push your brands so more people can get informed and be excited about it. We do this through social media account (Instagram & Facebook) as well as our blog.



The above is the screenshot of our blog statistics taken in November 2017. We're averaging on 120-140k visit per month.

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We utilise our Instagram account heavily through our engaging visual content (posts and stories).


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If you want to work together with us or looking for any help with your social media account, feel free to fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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